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As a Project Leader, you will work closely with governments across the African continent to design and implement strategies that deliver on policy commitments.



Job Description

We are looking for colleagues to support us in growing our work in Africa (e.g., Rwanda, Senegal, Nigeria, etc.). At his time, we are particularly looking for colleagues with experience delivering in various content areas.

Join Delivery Associates as a Project Leader and help governments transform how they work to improve their peoples’ lives. A Project Leader leads a small team and engages government leaders, partners, and specialized experts to deliver the most significant impact to their people through policy-driven work.

You will improve policy outcomes through your work to formulate and test recommendations and support improved decision-making at senior government levels: mayors, prime ministers, presidents. You will facilitate problem-solving and collaboration across silos, plan and execute stakeholder workshops and bring pace and focus to routine meetings. And you will build capacity for data-driven decision-making with Deliverology® to help our clients deliver meaningful, measurable results for citizens.

All successful candidates must demonstrate a commitment to delivering meaningful, measurable results for citizens. They will also have a thirst for learning about delivery and the Deliverology® approach, which is the basis for DA’s work around the world.

Ideal candidates bring robust client-facing experience in public sector contexts and/or direct experience delivering public service results.

Project Leaders receive excellent training as well as frequent coaching and mentoring from peers and experts. Whether you want to sharpen your presentation skills, improve client engagement, or increase areas-specific expertise, Delivery Associates provides Project Leaders’ pathways to grow.

Many Project Leaders have specialized knowledge or experience in one industry. Most do not need focused expertise to be successful. For experienced candidates who join as a Project Leader, this can mean developing expertise in a completely new area.

What you will do

  • Take ownership role in driving impact for our clients across multiple workstreams
  • Lead and build client and stakeholder relationships at senior level and build team capacity to do so;
  • Provide challenge and practical feedback to colleagues and clients,
  • Lead teams and coach them in producing high-quality work;
  • Use data and other evidence to make arguments and solve problems;
  • Write high-quality presentations and reports for the client and the leadership of Delivery Associates
  • Think logically to sequence and plan delivery of government strategy
  • Facilitate and communicate effectively with the team, the leadership of Delivery Associates, and the clients
  • Lead interactive workshops with stakeholders and deliver high-quality training sessions to groups of trainees;
  • Take ownership in building internal assets, including business development, recruitment, IP development, etc.

Required qualifications/experience

  • A minimum of Bachelor’s Degree
  • A minimum of 5 years of professional experience in government, international management consultancy, public policy, or relevant field
  • Minimum 2 years of managerial experience
  • Demonstrated experience working with senior client stakeholders (preferred government or public sector adjacent)
  • Superb organizational skills and proven capacity to juggle multiple projects, workstreams, and requests
  • Highly independent and accountable, with the ability to efficiently complete complicated tasks without close supervision (e.g., in a remote-office arrangement)
  • For anglophone countries: Demonstrated fluency with English; proficiency with French a plus
  • For francophone countries: Demonstrated fluency with French and English speaking and writing skills
  • Knowledge and experience of specific policy fields, such as agriculture, health, education, climate, or international development
  • Based or willing to relocate to client country and a solid will to develop Delivery Associates’ activities across the continent
  • Experience living and working in different cultures; time spent in African countries strongly preferred
  • Sensitivity to the political and cultural environments of public institutions and/or similarly complex environments

What We Offer

  • Ability to have a measurable impact on the lives of citizens across the continent and around the world
  • Exposure to top government leaders
  • Opportunity to shape the future trajectory of a fast-growing firm and grow with it
  • Opportunity to be part of a growing African team
  • Competitive salaries and benefits and career growth opportunities

About Delivery Associates

We are leading specialists in public service implementation. We support governments worldwide to deliver lasting, meaningful outcomes for their people by prioritizing, setting targets, solving problems, and establishing routines to drive policy implementation.

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