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A Delivery Leader works in small teams around the world to engage government leaders, partners, and specialized experts in delivering the greatest impact to citizens through policy-driven work.


Latin America

Job Description

As a Delivery Leader, you’ll work with leaders in the public sector to solve problems, build consensus and implement policies and programs that impact millions of people.

DA works closely with governments at every level, all over the world, to implement policy in a way that translates to real outcomes for everyday people. We do the same for foundations and social impact organizations, helping turn innovative programs into lasting impact. In short, we help public sector partners get things done. We use a clear methodology to solve problems and help our partners deliver results. We’re successful in part because we master our approach and in part because we are empathetic, resourceful, level-headed, and dedicated to our clients and the people they serve.

Skill sets.

Our Delivery Leaders (DLs):

  • Build successful relationships – has experience building trust-based relationships and partnerships to deliver shared goals;
  • Lead problem solving – has a track record of analyzing complex problems, extracting insight from data, identifying key issues, and simplifying the approach to solving them;
  • Provide challenge and effective feedback – has strong influencing and negotiating skills and is excellent at giving constructive feedback; empowers clients and team by providing the right balance between challenge and support;
  • Work well in a team – has a track record of team working and leadership, especially drawn from across organisations with different cultures;
  • Use data and other evidence to make arguments and solve problems – an analytical thinker, able to commission and interpret a wide range of statistical analyses and translate technical information to a lay audience
  • Design and write high-quality presentations and reports –  produces clear, concise and compelling narratives through a combination of expert prose, use of data, graphics and exceptional engaging story-telling; able to coach others in producing high quality work
  • Think logically to sequence and plan delivery of government strategy with pace, optimism and urgency
  • Facilitate and communicate effectively – can lead interactive workshops with stakeholders and deliver high quality training sessions to groups of trainees;
  • Navigate and achieve change in the public sector – has knowledge or experience of operating in a political environment and driving reforms through public sector decision-making processes such as budget setting, legislating, and procurement.
  • Build DA - demonstrating a commitment to the growth and development of the company,  including business development, recruiting, IP development and living our values.


We work well with people are:

  • Adaptable: Public sector work is dynamic. Our people are, too.
  • Analytical: We identify, dissect, and solve complex problems.
  • Accountable: We are a remote team. We work collaboratively but self-sufficiently; oversight is often minimal.
  • Driven: Our work is important, so it’s important we do it well. 
  • Curious: We never stop learning from our clients, colleagues, and partners. 


Many of our people have backgrounds in management consulting, public sector implementation, government, philanthropy, think tanks / policy research, and international development. Some come from startups and tech. Most have some experience with our major verticals: education, public health, sustainability, economic development, agriculture. But we’ve done this long enough to know that what matters most is your skill set and your mindset. We’re open to lots of backgrounds as long as you can show us you’re a skilled leader, an analytical thinker, a clear communicator, and an avid learner. 

Required Skills/Experience:

These are the basics.

  • A minimum of 3 years of relevant, full-time work experience in government, consulting, public policy, and/or relevant field
  • Demonstrated ability and experience working with senior client stakeholders (preferred government and/or public sector adjacent)
  • Superb organizational skills and proven capacity to juggle multiple projects, workstreams, and requests
  • Knowledge of specific policy fields, such as health, education, climate, or international development, is desirable
  • Written and spoken fluency in English is required; fluency in Spanish and or Portuguese is highly desirable

What We Offer:

  • Exposure to senior leaders in government, NGOs and other social impact organizations
  • Opportunity to be part of a growing team working on transformative projects in all continents
  • Opportunity to shape the future trajectory of a fast-growing firm and grow with it

About Delivery Associates

We help governments and social impact organizations all over the world turn big ideas, campaign promises, and ambitious goals into everyday reality for the people they serve. We approach every problem with a strong bias towards implementation, an open mind to possibilities, empathy for governments and residents, and a strong values system that helps us harness our capabilities to make change happen.

Position closes 5 November 2021.

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