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Delivery Associates is looking to connect with talented and passionate individuals with backgrounds serving or in the public sector for exciting projects in the Middle East and South Asia region.



Job Description

As an Analyst in Pakistan, you will work closely with governments and social impact organizations in the region to design and implement strategies that deliver on policy commitments of global concern, often in collaboration with other regions.

Join Delivery Associates as an Analyst and help leaders transform how they work to improve their citizens’ lives. An Analyst works in small teams to engage leaders, partners, and specialized experts in delivering the most significant impact to their people through policy-driven work.

You will improve outcomes through your work by formulating and testing recommendations and supporting improved decision-making at senior leadership levels: prime ministers, presidents, heads of philanthropies, presidents of development banks, etc. You will support problem-solving and collaboration across silos, plan stakeholder workshops and bring pace and focus to routine meetings. And you will build capacity for data-driven decision-making with Deliverology® to help our clients deliver meaningful, measurable results for citizens.

Analysts receive excellent training as well as frequent coaching and mentoring from peers and experts. Delivery Associates provides pathways for Analysts to grow if you want to sharpen your data analysis and presentation skills, improve client engagement, or increase areas-specific expertise.

What you will do:

  • Build trust-based relationships and partnerships with clients to deliver shared goals
  • Use data to identify issues and solve problems – perform data management and analytical work for high-priority projects across an array of domains and subject matter
  • Support problem-solving and conducting root cause analysis: extract insight from data, identify critical issues, and simplify the approach to solving them
  • Work in a team to support the client, under the supervision of a project leader
  • Design and write high-quality presentations and reports addressed to the clients and the leadership of Delivery Associates
  • Think logically to sequence and plan the delivery of government strategy with pace, optimism, and urgency
  • Support delivery of interactive workshops with stakeholders and deliver high-quality training sessions to groups of trainees;
  • Contribute to internal team management, including workshop planning, work planning, coordination across teams for internal management, etc.
  • Contribute to building internal assets, including business development, recruitment, IP development, etc.

Required skills/Experience:

  • A strong desire to use your skills to improve the lives of citizens 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, able to produce clear, concise and compelling narratives through a combination of expert prose, use of data, graphics and engaging storytelling.
  • Bachelor’s degree in social sciences, international relations, economics, political science or  aligned fields.
  • 1-2 years work experience in a relevant sector
  • Strong command of MS Office suite, esp. PowerPoint and Excel.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to analyse issues, identify causes, and recommend solutions quickly
  • Capable of learning Delivery Associates tools and approaches, with an aptitude to directly support DA Leaders as needed
  • Highly independent and accountable, with the ability to efficiently complete many complicated tasks without close supervision (e.g., in a remote-office arrangement)

Other requirements:

  • Based in Pakistan with a strong will to develop Delivery Associates’ activities across the region 
  • Experience working in policy fields, such as health, agriculture, climate, etc. is desirable
  • Written and spoken fluency in English

What We Offer:

  • Ability to have a measurable impact on the lives of citizens across the continent and around the world
  • Exposure to top leaders, including in government and in the multilaterals / social impact organizations advising governments
  • Opportunity to shape the future trajectory of a fast-growing firm and grow with it
  • Competitive salaries and benefits and career growth opportunities

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