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Working on the biggest issues facing society today – climate, justice and equity, education and healthcare, big data, innovation – in partnership with government, foundation, and public sector partners to turn ideas into real impact.
United States
Job Description
DA teams work with leaders in the public sector to solve problems, build consensus and implement policies and programs that impact millions of people. As an Associate, you will play a key role keeping our teams coordinated and on track, helping our clients measure and track the impact of their work, as a core member of teams helping our partners and funders design and execute major programs.

DA uses the Deliverology method to solve problems and help our partners deliver results. We’re successful in part because we master our approach and in part because we are empathetic, resourceful, level-headed, and dedicated to our clients and the people they serve. Associates have the opportunity to learn and implement this methodology as part of a team (alongside experienced Project and Delivery Leaders).

DA has a growing portfolio of work within North America supporting governments at every level deliver on their biggest challenges. At DA you could:

  • Innovation: help governments take new moonshot ideas and turn them into impact that can directly be seen by residents. For example, our teams are currently helping cities in the United States and Latin America and we are gearing up to help the finalist cities of the bigger-than-ever Global Mayors Challenge in 2022.
  • Climate and equity: partner with the biggest environmental nonprofits (like NRDC, RMI, and WRI) to assist communities across the US move the needle on climate while making societal more equitable too. For example, DA is a lead partner in the American Cities Climate Challenge, helping government and philanthropy leaders craft the next big thing in addressing the twin crises of climate and inequity.
  • Smart Data: bring government leaders the information and tools they need to make effective decisions, measuring and evaluating the impact of new and ongoing programs. For example, we have helped cities across the US and the world embrace the growing power of data via the What Works Cities certification and technical assistance program. Plus, you will have access to DA Digital’s powerful suite of services and tools!
  • Center of government led reform and performance management: support top leaders of municipal, regional or national governments across North America to establish and build capacity of central delivery teams that oversee performance management and drive implementation efforts through better prioritization, target-setting, planning, data-driven routines and problem-solving across sectors that include education, healthcare, infrastructure, emergency response, safety & security and economic development, among others.

DA works closely with governments in these areas and others, all over the world, to implement policy in a way that translates to real outcomes for everyday people. We do the same for foundations and social impact organizations, helping turn innovative programs into lasting impact. In short, we help public sector partners get things done. We use a clear methodology to solve problems and help our partners deliver results. We’re successful in part because we master our approach and in part because we are empathetic, resourceful, level-headed, and dedicated to our clients and the people they serve.

Skill sets.

We work closely in diverse, global teams, leaning on each other’s strengths. We don’t expect any one person to do all these things perfectly. Our Associates should be able to:

  • Analyze data: Turn raw data into actionable insights and recommendations, whether through Microsoft Excel or other tools.
  • Track impact: Monitor and evaluate programs and projects through clear, thoughtful analysis and data-driven assessments, working with clients to problem solve data collection.
  • Manage fast-moving projects: Bring clear structure and planning to day-to-day work and communication. 
  • Write and present clearly: Turn complex problems or insights into clear memos and well-structured slides; speak clearly and concisely in remote and in-person settings. 
  • Build relationships: Earn trust and influence among diverse stakeholders, especially in public sector, nonprofit, advocacy, and philanthropy settings. 
  • Solve problems: Break down problems and identify root causes before developing hypotheses and solutions. 
  • Stay focused: Navigate complexity, especially in policy and program implementation, consistently steering large coalitions back to a single-minded focus on priority outcomes.

We work well with people who are:

  • Adaptable: Public sector work is dynamic. Our people are, too.
  • Analytical: We identify, dissect, and solve complex problems, following the data and evidence. 
  • Accountable: We are a remote team. We work collaboratively but self-sufficiently; oversight is often minimal, while proactivity is essential. 
  • Driven: Our work is important, so it’s important we do it well. 
  • Collaborative: We are flexible, thoughtful and team players. 
  • Curious: We never stop learning from our clients, colleagues, and partners. 


Many of our people have backgrounds in management consulting, public sector implementation, government, philanthropy, think tanks / policy research, and international development. Some come from startups and tech. Our Associates generally have already spent several years in another organization and often have experience with our major verticals: economic development, sustainability, education, public health, agriculture. But we’ve done this long enough to know that what matters most is your skill set and your mindset. We are open to lots of backgrounds as long as you can show us you’re an analytical thinker, a clear communicator, a team player, and an avid learner. 

Required Skills / Experience:

These are the basics.

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent requisite experiences
  • A minimum of 2 years of relevant, full time work experience in government, consulting, public policy, project management and/or impact measurement
  • Business level proficiency in English
  • Familiarity working in the standard business suite (analyzing data in spreadsheets, creating presentations, etc)
  • Must be based in and have work authorization in the United States. Delivery Associates will not sponsor applicants for work visas.
  • Remote, with willingness to travel up to 25-40% and be accessible to an airport.
  • A positive and solutions-oriented outlook on the potential for governments to deliver meaningful results for residents

Preferred Skills / Experience: 

  • Experience with project management, particularly on multi-stakeholder projects
  • Interest and experience in using data to track impact, as well as building capacity in others to use data
  • 1-2 years experience in a data-driven position using evidence and analysis to help governments or programs make sound decisions and/or 1-2 years experience working directly with multiple governments or departments in a public sector or public sector-adjacent position gaining insights into different delivery approaches 
What We Offer:
  • Exposure to senior leaders in government, NGOs and other social impact organizations
  • Opportunity to be part of a growing team working on transformative projects on all continents and to learn from experienced Project and Delivery Leaders
  • Opportunity to shape the future trajectory of a fast-growing firm and grow with it, including advancement to the Delivery Leader role with proven track record at the Associate level 
  • Competitive compensation and benefits

About Delivery Associates:

We help governments, foundations, and social impact organizations all over the world turn big ideas, campaign promises, and ambitious goals into everyday reality for the people they serve. With over ten years of experience and expert staff guiding our work, Delivery Associates has delivered impact in areas ranging from education reform in the US to microfinance in South America to agricultural reform in Africa and the Middle East. We approach every problem with a strong bias towards implementation, an open mind to possibilities, empathy for governments and residents, and a strong values system. We are always asking ourselves, our partners, and our clients: What would it take to make change happen?

To learn more about Delivery Associates please visit deliveryassociates.com/our-work or contact our talent team at talent@deliveryassociates.com for more information on opportunities to join our team.

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