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Job Description

As a data scientist on DA’s Digital team, you'll work on a wide variety of data problems for a diverse range of clients.

You’ll start by  building out data systems related to COVID-19 response and recovery across US cities. You will learn new technologies and domains on the fly. You will make tough decisions under tight deadlines. You will balance immediate goals with scalability and production-level output.

In other words, it’s not an easy job, but it’s worth it. The role offers room for personal and professional growth, with opportunities to drive real impact all over the world. And though you will work remotely, you won't work in isolation. Data Science is a new function in our growing team, where ideas and challenges are addressed collaboratively. We're looking for the kind of person who will try to solve a problem on their own first, but isn't afraid to ask for help or say "I don't know."

A Day in the Life
  • Working with clients to uncover and frame new opportunities for data science, helping structure and clean data, as well as building out models and analysis. Clients often come to us without a clear understanding of what we can do, so this is our chance to open their eyes to new possibilities for their data.
  • Exploring client datasets, looking for actionable insights and automated solutions that can be presented on our data viz platforms.
  • Engineering features, systems, training models; tuning hyperparameters and evaluating the results. We emphasize rigour, because data science done right at this stage leads to models that shine in production.
  • Taking the models we build into production. This is an exciting stage for anyone who likes collaborating with product, design & engineering teams and seeing their model become real when users interact with it.
  • Helping our clients develop their internal data science practices, from hiring and recruiting to data capturing, so that they can be successful when we hand off the project.
Required Skills/Experience
  • Clear and empathetic communicator. You'll be the one sharing your insights with clients and stakeholders at check-ins, documenting your work, and even explaining your model to client data teams as part of a handoff. As such, communication and empathy are essential parts of your toolkit.
  • Fluency in structuring data and looking at solutions to automate collection, visualization and insights layers.
  • Advanced knowledge of statistical modeling and/or machine learning methods. These are the tools we need to go from analysis to prediction.
  • Strong programming skills. You're fluent in Python, but learning the client's tech stack is an important part of the job.
  • Strong exploratory data analysis skills. Every engagement starts with an investigation of the data, and thorough EDA saves us a lot of headaches in the long run
  • At least a bachelor's degree in an analytical or technical field. This could be applied mathematics, statistics, computer science, operations research, economics, etc. Higher education welcome and encouraged.
Desired Skills/Experience
  • 2+ years of work in a data-centric field (data science or data engineering)
  • Experience with relational databases
  • Exposure and experience working in a Linux environment
  • You have a specialization in an area like NLP, optimization, or image processing
  • Hands-on experience working in a distributed computing environment or proven theoretical understanding of parallelism
What We Offer
  • Ability to have a measurable impact on the lives of citizens around the world
  • Exposure to top government leaders
  • Opportunity to be part of a small, growing startup team working on projects in all continents
  • Opportunity to shape the future trajectory of a fast-growing firm and to grow with it
  • Competitive salary and benefits package
About DA Digital

Delivery Associates Digital helps governments and social impact organizations turn ambitious goals into everyday reality for people all over the world. We do this by bringing start-up agility and design thinking to the public sector, helping our clients move quickly and effectively to tackle climate change, global health, economic recovery, and more.

Everything we build—from dashboards to contact tracing apps—is designed to help organizations deliver on their policy priorities, and make life better for the people they serve. We blend genuine excitement about everything that’s possible in a digital world with genuine empathy for the humans who live in it.  

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