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At Delivery Associates (DA), we help governments and social impact organizations all over the world turn big ideas into everyday reality for the people they serve. DA Creative is our embedded creative agency, helping clients and partners weave compelling communications strategy and execution throughout their programs and policies.


North America

Job Description

As we understand more about the support our colleagues on the consulting team need, we see an emerging opportunity to build out functions that not only add value to our clients, but also contribute to internal quality, sustainability, and DEI goals. These include editorial and graphic design services, which can help bring a level of polish to any deliverable – even those that don’t require full creative input.

 Your role would be to build out this function. Over the first 3 months of your tenure, you would establish staffing needs, guidance for teams, and a rollout plan. You would also, in this time, serve as the main editor for the creative agency, coordinating as needed with freelance and part-time talent until the staffing plan is complete. 

 We value trust and connection with each other, our DA colleagues on other teams, and our partners. You would show up ready to jump in, stay curious, and find ways to make work meaningful, joyful, and sustainable.

 Roles & Responsibilities

As Quality Lead you will:

  • Serve as the Editorial lead for the internal creative team
  • Envision and structure a Quality function for DA as a whole
  • Oversee this function, including a staff of editors and graphic designers
  • Establish clear guidelines for consulting colleagues in such a way as to preserve quality for the company, sustainability for your staff, and trust among practice areas at DA

A Day in the Life

Here are some examples of what your work may look like:

  • Attend creative status meetings
  • Respond to inbound editorial requests
  • Contribute to scope meetings
  • Attend DA Town Halls and PL routines


  • At least 5+ years of experience as an editor
  • Strong process skills and people management
  • Available to collaborate with teams in Americas time zones

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