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Delivery Associates Digital

Delivery Associates Digital builds technology that collects, analyzes and uses data to improve citizens' lives.
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About Delivery Associates Digital

We have led successful data and technology transformation projects across the world based on the Deliverology® approach.

Our data collection and visualization products have spanned several continents, including statistically significant data collection surveys across 100 million citizens and visualization tools impacting over 500 million citizens. 

Data collection

Custom-built data collection and field applications for real-time access.

Functionality to support both 4G and 2G network connectivity.

Automated reporting from frontline to system leadership for stocktakes.

Survey tools with geo-tagging and monitoring.

Data analysis & dashboards

Human and machine led filtering and analysis of data to generate meaningful insights.

Dashboards with heat maps and dynamic charts for target setting, monitoring and leadership decision making.

Data checks and routines to ensure fidelity of data from the system level to the individual field worker.

Capacity review and benchmarking tools to generate key insights and recommendations.

Citizen feedback

Online portals connecting governments with citizens.

Public facing government data dashboard to allow citizens to monitor and track progress on outcomes.

Citizen feedback and sentiment surveys using digital tools at national and local levels.

Knowledge sharing

Learning portals with collaboration and tracking solutions.

Bespoke courses including webinars, assessments, surveys and interactive portals.

Mobile learning applications.

Our approach

Product & engineering

A lean startup approach to prototyping and scaling software, including proprietary tools for rapid deployment.


Prioritising design thinking principles to ensure the best user experience possible. Using an empathy led approach - identifying problems, personas, and then journeys, leading to prototypes and iterative feedback loops.

Data engineering

Connecting insights from diverse data sources to drive decision-making.

Agile transformation

Coaching partners and helping them build a culture of design thinking, agile development and the lean startup methodology.

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