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July 6, 2020

The Government We Need

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold, we are only just beginning to contemplate - let alone understand - its long-term impact. Whether one believes in small government or big government, most of us have renewed our appreciation for effective government, whatever its size.

Every government has been handed the same assignment for the next 3 years and beyond: Protect people (all of them) as you respond to the virus. Support society (all parts of it!) to manage through the years before a vaccine or treatment is available. And lead a recovery and rebuilding that brings us back stronger, more just, and more equitable than we were before. The work will continue for years, and everyone in government is attending to it as the top priority right now.

This begs the question: what has the crisis taught us about what effective government looks like during this time? What capabilities does government need to build for now and for the future?

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The Government We NeedThe Government We Need
The Government We Need
The Government We Need
Delivery Associates
The Government We Need

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The Government We Need
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