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In Gov We Trust

How to rebuild public trust in government — and why it matters more than ever
On 21 October, DA and Stanford's Leadership Network for Change (LNC) co-hosted a panel  on public trust in government: why it matters, why it’s declining, and what it would take to rebuild it.

Watch the full recording to hear the discussion and see live comments and questions from your peers and colleagues all over the world.

Highlights from the panel

  • The COVID-19 pandemic underscores the role of public trust in government effectiveness — but the issue is more pervasive than the pandemic alone
  • Corruption and collusion, open conflicts of interest, and lack of a shared narrative all contribute to loss of trust in government
  • Loss of trust in government reverberates throughout the economy, public health landscape, and more
  • Transparency, consistency, and competence are key to rebuilding trust
  • Trust has the power to transcend party politics
  • Key examples of governments rebuilding trust include Estonia, Pakistan, New South Wales, Germany, and the Ukraine

Join the conversation

Building trust at scale demands participation from every level of government, from leaders all over the world. It also demands active engagement from the people who hold their governments accountable. Here’s how you can stay involved:

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moderator and Panelists

Audrey Jiajia Li

Moderator and
award-winning journalist
 Francis Fukuyama
Mosbacher Director of the CDDRL,
 Stanford University
 Anna Grzymala-Busse

Senior Fellow,
 Freeman Spogli Institute
for International Studies,
 Stanford University
Dr. Sania Nishtar
Special Assistant to
Pakistan’s Prime Minister
 and Federal Minister, 
Poverty Alleviation
and Social Safety Ministry
Sir Michael Barber
Founder and Chairman
of Delivery Associates

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