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The Delivery Institute

Build your government’s capacity to improve citizens' lives

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About The Delivery Institute

Effective governments use their resources well to deliver for their citizens. It is obviously easy to make promises to people - but it is far harder to turn these promises into results that matter.

The Delivery Institute helps leaders in government to achieve real results for their citizens - using the tools of Deliverology®.

It includes three main components:


Unique access to the founders of Deliverology® as you learn the fundamentals. Privileged insight into what the best governments in the world do to deliver results.


Learn and challenge each other in live workshops as you apply Deliverology®. Surround yourself with like-minded people who are passionate about helping their citizens.


Apply what you’ve learned to your own real life projects with the on-going support of a personal coach. Begin to see real results as the numbers move.

Research shows that most personal development happens on the job, in the context of real successes that you achieve while doing real work. The Delivery Institute embraces this principle from start to finish. It roots your entire experience in the practical, day-to-day challenges you face in leading government.

Find out about our projects from around the world.

How will you benefit?


Significantly improve a meaningful outcome for your citizens - defined by you, with our support from the very start.


Master the tools and techniques of Deliverology® that you will use for the rest of your career.


Apply Deliverology® with the guidance of experts who are at the cutting edge of this work.


Be part of a global network of leaders who are leading transformations in governments around the world.


Connect to a coach who is helping governments across the world.

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The Faculty

Core faculty for the Delivery Institute are senior leaders at Delivery Associates, an organization founded by Sir Michael Barber with the mission of improving the effectiveness and accountability of governments worldwide. Delivery Associates partner with governments across the world to use the Deliverology® approach to fulfill their promises to citizens.

Sir Michael Barber led the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit in the UK from 2001-2005. He has worked on delivery and system-wide reforms in more than 50 countries. He personally leads high level engagement with political leaders to help adopt the Deliverology® approach such as quarterly cabinet retreats in Canada with PM Justin Trudeau.

As a result, all the Delivery Institute’s faculty have deep and practical experience in doing this work across a range of geographic, economic, and cultural contexts.

Delivery Associates has a team of around 50 experts working on the ground in almost 30 different countries across the world. Our team are from 13 different nationalities, speaking 21 different languages, and with a collective experience of 443 years in public service reform, 267 of those in delivery.

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Enrolling with Delivery Institute

For governments: We work with governments of every size and level to develop a program customized to their needs. You’ll see the most impact by:

  • Committing to a program of at least six months. 
  • Identifying a high-performing and/or high- potential cohort of leaders to go through the experience together.
  • Working with us to define the outcomes you’d like these leaders to achieve at the outset.

For individuals: We also offer programs for individual government leaders or small teams to learn alongside peers in other governments. We are continuously enrolling for Delivery Institutes across the world. Contact us below to find out when the next Delivery Institute starts in your region.

For more information, contact us:

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