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With nearly a decade of experience working for governments across the United States, Latin America, and Africa, Dani is committed to improving delivery outcomes for residents. She helps governments align strategy to activities, coordinate across stakeholders, and problem solve implementation challenges to enhance government efficiency and equity.


  • MPA, Governance, London School of Economics
  • MIA, International Relations, Columbia University
  • BA, Government, Georgetown University

Delivery Experience

As part of the American Cities Climate Challenge (ACCC), Dani works with US cities to plan and implement climate change strategies, supporting them to problem solve along the way. She understands that while most climate offices are fairly new to city government and are small and distant from the Mayor's office, their mandate cuts across all government sectors and requires shared accountability and commitment to be effective. To overcome coordination challenges, Dani helps cities determine the right structures, relationships, and processes to meet their climate goals. 

In one city, this support included convening senior city leadership in a series of workshops to identify different structural options for their climate office, including the possible creation of a Climate Equity Department, which would be the first known in the US. She is now working with that city to determine the preferred structural option and how to implement it. In another city, she is supporting the establishment of cross-government climate implementation units to promote coordinated planning and delivery of climate priorities. Regardless of the mechanism, Dani believes in tailored solutions that empower individual cities to achieve their goals as equitably and efficiently as possible.

Other Experience

As a public sector and non-profit strategy consultant, Dani has advised on good governance, capacity building, and strengthening democratic institutions in West Africa; researched equitable education policy in Chile; coordinated with governments and international donors to plan and implement programs; and developed a suite of innovation strategy tools with the United Nations Chief Executive Board to build a common culture of and approach to innovation across the organization.

Notably, while working in the Liberian President's Delivery Unit, Dani helped the government resume a stalled priority road project by unlocking $40M of donor funds, which were held up due to poor collaboration across donors. Dani worked with stakeholders to improve coordination and address funding gaps so that the project could continue.

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