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Fara is a growth-oriented, competent project manager and impact strategist who is passionate about the environment and sustainability. She believes that the world needs people who are both eternally optimistic and intensely focused on outcomes, and she enjoys generating positive energy and practical solutions with like-minded people to impact society today and future generations.


  • MBA, Sustainable Business Development, IPB University, Indonesia
  • BSc, Science and Technology, University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Delivery Experience

Currently, Fara is supporting the project management aspect of the Bloomberg Global Mayors Challenge, helping manage and track various priorities. The project involves assisting 15 cities around the world to demonstrate solutions to key global issues such as sustainability, equity, and inclusion.

Fara has worked closely with the first National Plastic Action Partnership (NPAP) country Secretariat in Indonesia to make progress on their target of reducing marine plastic waste by 70% by 2025. In this role, she helped the Secretariat establish four task forces—financing, innovation, metrics, and behavior change. In addition, Fara supported the DA team in NPAP Ghana and NPAP Pakistan. This work was rewarding for her both personally and professionally. 

Fara also led the Liveable Cities Dashboard Philippines project, consolidating multiple data sources to provide residents, funders, and city leaders with an interactive visual profile of 146 cities in the Philippines. Using the dashboard, cities can effectively engage stakeholders, including city and national agencies, businesses, academes, NGOs, and citizens.

Previously, Fara supported the Uzbekistan Education Reform Program (UERP) with capacity building and policy analysis, and facilitated weekly webinars for over 3,000 school principals across the country.

Other Experience

Fara has a wide range of experience in both the public and private sectors, and has managed implementation teams across the world. She was a global project coordinator for the first-ever digitalised project at her company, which involved significant behavior change management as Fara convinced leaders to adopt new technology. She visited country leaders around the world, worked with experts on process design, performed work on the ground to understand front-liners’ challenges, and developed a feedback loop to improve the system. The project was a success, and within 18 months of its inception, people began adapting to the new system. 

Fara is also active in environmental advocacy communities, such as the Zero Waste movement in Indonesia. She has volunteered in schools and communities to relay the importance of reducing waste and lowering carbon emissions.

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