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Gabriele uses strong analytical, listening and facilitation skills to understand complex and unstructured challenges and create innovative, simple and efficient solutions. She believes that governments have real capacity to scale local innovations.


  • M.A. Candidate, Global Human Development Program, Georgetown University
  • B.A., Economics, Federal University of ParanĂ¡

Delivery Experience

Gabriele is part of DA's Latin America team and is working with Bloomberg Philanthropies to create a worldwide network of cities interested in sharing and replicating evidence-based, cutting-edge solutions to key urban issues.

Gabriele also offers technical assistance to the Mayors Challenge Winning Cities as they disseminate their ideas. She is working to determine the most effective ways to document and convey their initiatives and lessons learned to help other cities implement these successful public innovations in their local contexts.

Other Experience

Gabriele has seven years' experience leading collaborative and transformational projects in Brazil (and one in Egypt) for NGOs, public and private education organizations, and a private hospital.

Before joining DA, she worked at Teach for All Brazil leading the delivery of two grants created to develop digital instruction techniques in public school teachers from vulnerable communities. Grants were awarded to ensure learning continuity for students most affected by the pandemic. She organized three webinars and impacted 2.5k public school teachers from all over Brazil, indirectly influencing 500k+ students.

She previously worked at Endeavor Brazil - a global NGO that stimulates high-impact entrepreneurship to drive economic development. At Endeavor, she led a project to design and implement a results-driven performance and management model. She also created a staff career development plan and oversaw a global project to administer a new staff satisfaction survey in 37 offices worldwide.

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