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Jussara Negromonte

Associate Director
Jussara has worked with countries and cities across Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and the United States, advising public leaders to implement large-scale reforms with a focus on economic development and diversification. She believes in the power of good data, used well, to make governments more transparent, effective, and trusted.
  • Master of Public Policy, University of Oxford
  • MBA, Dom Cabral Foundation, Brazil
Delivery Experience

Jussara is currently working in the United States advising public and private organizations to develop better education-to-workforce strategies, including forming strong on-the-ground coalitions and applying for state and national funding. So far, she has helped leverage more than $6M to establish new education and economic development strategies in places like rural Missouri and Colorado. 

Jussara also worked with more than 50 cities across the United States to enhance data analysis and policy making to improve COVID response and recovery, including collecting and managing better data at the city level, and in school networks and businesses.

Before that, Jussara worked for almost two years assisting the government of Qatar to establish a Delivery System to support important economic development decisions and policies in order to improve economic diversification.

In the Bahamas, Jussara advised the government to set up a Delivery Unit at the Prime Minister's Office and supported the Ministry of Education to increase preschool enrollment (2,000 new placements in 2019) and student literacy results on exams (increased by 5pp in 2019). 

In Saint Lucia, she facilitated the creation of a Delivery Unit at the Prime Minister's Office and helped the Ministry of Health increase childhood vaccination rates by 18pp in 2019.

Other Experience

Jussara worked for eight years with the Brazilian Federal and State Governments in the areas of employment policies, vocational training education, and health. She coordinated Brazil's flagship vocational training program in 2017 (Pronatec) and led complex health portfolios such as the transfer of vaccine patents from private companies to the government.

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