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With nearly a decade of experience working in and alongside governments, Kyore is dedicated to using the power of evidence and delivery to achieve meaningful outcomes for society. He is passionate about improving State capability, public value and scaling systemic reform through capacity building in LATAM and beyond.


  • Master of Public Policy, University of Oxford - Louis Dreyfus Weidenfeld Hoffmann Scholar
  • Leadership Executive Program, Georgetown University - GCL scholar
  • Lawyer (Diploma de Honor), University of Buenos Aires

Delivery Experience

Kyore is currently based in Mexico. He supports local and state governments' work to reduce corruption in urban development through improved digitization processes. He also supports the international replication of this work in different cities across the world. He was previously based in Ecuador, where he worked with the government to improve small farmers’ productivity and income.

Other Experience

Kyore has served in different positions of the executive and legislative powers at the federal and state level in Argentina. He served as Deputy Secretary of Cooperation at the Ministry of Culture; as Executive Secretary in the “Argentina 2030 Strategy Unit” of the Cabinet Office and as Legislative Director in the Buenos Aires Parliament.

In the executive, he oversaw three directions (70 staffers) and implemented a capacity-building program for 400 municipalities. During his tenure, the number of bilateral agreements signed with foreign Ministries of Culture tripled; Kyore also articulated agreements with 23 Provincial Secretaries, mayors and members of the parliament.

In the Cabinet Office, he led intergovernmental affairs to broaden the influence of new insights in policy-making and agenda. He also drafted long-term planning and policy initiatives.

As a Legislative Director, Kyore developed legislation related to transportation, drug control, health and democratic culture. He engaged with stakeholders in committees, and formulated positions and tactics on bills.

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