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Kyore Beun (Antonio)

Knowledge and External Capacity Building Manager
Kyore has a decade of policy implementation experience working in and alongside local/federal governments, international organisations and philanthropies. He believes that intentional strategy, prioritization, actionable data and relentless routines dramatically increase the chances for successful implementation.
  • Master of Public Policy, University of Oxford - Louis Dreyfus Weidenfeld Hoffmann Scholar
  • Leadership Executive Program, Georgetown University - GCL scholar
  • Lawyer (Diploma de Honor), University of Buenos Aires
Delivery Experience

Currently based in Mexico City, Kyore is supporting the expansion and scale-up of successful evidence-based policy innovations on digital transformation, childhood obesity, community-based microlending and road safety across cities in various continents. He is also supporting a state program funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies that uses improved digitization processes to increase urban development transparency in local governments. To date, this has scaled up to 29 municipalities, doubling the original target. 

Kyore was previously based in Ecuador, where he worked with the government and IFAD-UN to improve small farmers’ productivity and income. The team focused on redesigning and implementing a loan scheme tailored to small farmers' crop cycles, and incorporated choice architecture elements to improve repayment rates.

Other Experience

Prior to joining DA, Kyore served in various positions of the executive and legislative powers at the federal and local levels in Argentina. He has extensive experience implementing capacity-building programs at scale: As Deputy Secretary of Cooperation at the Argentine Government, he and his team implemented a program to improve the outcomes of more than 400 small municipalities’ cultural policies. He also articulated agreements with 23 provincial secretaries, mayors and parliament members, and, during his tenure, the number of bilateral agreements signed with foreign ministries tripled. In the Cabinet Office, he worked on long-term planning as Executive Secretary of the Argentina 2030 Strategy Unit. While serving as Legislative Director in the Buenos Aires Parliament, he helped develop legislation related to transportation, drug control and health.

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