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Lauren has worked with numerous systems around the world—especially education systems in the U.S.—to help them learn and apply the Deliverology methodology. She manages DA’s internal knowledge systems, and is responsible for ensuring colleagues have the skills and resources they need to help clients deliver. She always ends meetings on time.


  • Masters in Public Policy (MPP), American University
  • BA, Political Science and Latin American Studies, Tulane University

Delivery Experience

Lauren leads DA’s Knowledge and External Capability Building Team, which helps employees capture knowledge, learn from one another, curate standard resources to assist clients, and build expertise in training and coaching methods. She also leads DA's strategy, monitoring, and continuous improvement efforts—applying Deliverology to the firm’s own work. 

Previously, Lauren led DA’s internal communications and designed and managed DA's internal onboarding and ongoing training programs, ensuring that colleagues mastered Deliverology principles in order to serve clients effectively, efficiently, and empathetically.

She helped external partners apply Deliverology methodology to U.S. education systems, aiming to improve outcomes for students across the P-20 continuum. Specifically, she worked with Hawai`i P-20 Partnerships for Education and University of Hawai`i Community Colleges to plan, implement, and monitor progress on key initiatives to increase college enrollment in the state. She also supported Teach For America in unpacking their ambitious 10-year impact goals and planning for delivery at the regional level.

Other Experience

Prior to joining DA, Lauren helped more than 40 education systems around the U.S.—including state, local, and nonprofit organizations—plan and deliver improved outcomes for students at the Education Delivery Institute. Lauren also led strategic planning and continuous improvement for Fulton County Schools, a district of about 100,000 students in Atlanta, GA. The strategic plan she created continues to drive the school system’s work today. She began her career teaching high school social studies through Teach for America.

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