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Having worked in and advised delivery units at all levels of government across all continents, Leigh is an expert at establishing delivery units. From elite athletes to civil servants and elected officials, Leigh applies the fundamentals of Deliverology to help individuals and teams achieve incredible performance – and meaningful outcomes.


  • PhD, Exercise Science, University Gloucestershire
  • BSC Hons, Exercise Science, Brighton University

Delivery Experience

Leigh is currently advising countries on using Deliverology principles to achieve economic diversification. He is also working to ensure that lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic are used to recover and strengthen health services moving forward.

Additionally, Leigh has been in deep collaboration with the NSW government for over five years, working alongside the Premier's Implementation Unit (PIU) as they deliver on State priorities. He has learned first-hand the value of sticking to the core delivery approach, applying it rigorously, and investing in essential relationships with the departments responsible for delivery.

Other Experience

Leigh’s background in exercise science has offered him unique opportunities to apply Deliverology methods to elite sports teams. He learned in the process that the core principles of elite performance translate across nearly every aspect of human accomplishment, from Olympic training to good governance. Leigh is also an athlete himself, and has competed nationally in swimming and running.

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