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Nick is a passionate, collaborative problem-solver with more than a decade of experience in program development, management, implementation, and impact measurement for public sector and nonprofit entities. His work spans a range of priorities including energy, climate, transportation, education, health, and economic development. He is dedicated to building strong relationships and greater public trust in government to make meaningful improvements to racial, social, and economic outcomes.


  • MEM, Environmental Management, Yale University
  • MBA, Economics of Public Policy, Yale University
  • BA, Political Science & Philosophy, Yale University

Delivery Experience

As part of the American Cities Climate Challenge, a multi-partner project across 25 cities, Nick and his team worked with mayors to deliver more than 74 million metric tons of GHG emissions reductions and to enact and implement a slew of ambitious and innovative programs and policies. His strong leadership skills and ability to facilitate multi-stakeholder workshops and stocktakes with government leaders and public sector organizations helped drive these changes.

In Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Honolulu, Nick supported the development and implementation of bus-only lanes, bike networks, congestion pricing, energy benchmarking, performance standards, building energy reach codes, and community and rooftop solar projects. 

Nick has also trained Chief Sustainability Officers on implementation best practices as part of multi-city convenings and national conventions, led an effort with community representatives to co-create an accountability framework for an equitable transition to 100% renewable energy, and provided strategic input in an effort to organize and leverage community engagement in municipal street design.

Other Experience

Prior to joining DA, Nick developed and grew a clean energy company to deliver the benefits of clean energy—bill savings, cleaner air, and emissions reductions—in the developing world, and drove the successful creation and adoption of programs and products for rapidly scaling clean energy technology deployment at the nexus of public and private financing institutions.

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