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Whether analyzing a problem or a budget, Nour is adept at finding solutions to help organizations thrive. Her outstanding leadership skills and deep knowledge of economics and public policy allow her to expertly advise on all stages of organizational development. She is also an artist and a comedian at heart, and has lived in five different countries.


  • BS, Psychology (pre-med), American University of Beirut
  • BA, Economic and Public Policy, Georgetown University

Delivery Experience

Nour led a national project in Jordan establishing and implementing a delivery unit (PMDU) at the Prime Minister’s Office. Her role included helping with identification of the unit's key national priorities, such as the development of comprehensive delivery roadmaps and interventions. Nour also hired PMDU team members and ensured that DA's values were reflected in the PMDU's creation and operations.

Nour has also supported the Qatar Fund for Development and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with establishing the partnership secretariat and building capacity.

Other Experience

Prior to joining DA, Nour worked for the Centennial Group where she advised on the diversification of Saudi Arabia's economy from an oil-based to a non-oil-based economy. She researched current policies and analyzed their economic impact on the Saudi financial plan. In addition, she assessed the budget and strategic plan and restructured funds to better align with long-term goals.

Nour also served as a Strategy and Advocacy Lead at the Crown Prince Foundation in Jordan, planning the Foundation's inception and structure, designing programs to support the Foundation's strategy, and implementing major projects. She also led policy analysis and advancement and developed effective relationships with partners and vendors.

Nour began her career at Deloitte, where she gained experience managing projects for different industries, such as education, banking, and the public sector. Of note, she consulted on a tax implementation project for one of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) members, including the establishment of the taxation laws and the Federation of Tax Administrators (FTA). Her role also involved optimizing organizations' existing operating models and managing the Crown Prince of Jordan's office portfolio.

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