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Rose has extensive experience in education, both as an English teacher and as a programme officer in the non-profit sector. A skilled problem solver, she enjoys thinking of new ways to tackle challenges and facilitate learning. She is passionate about fostering human connections and cross-cultural understanding.


  • BA, Psychology, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest

Delivery Experience

Rose is promoting colleagues’ learning and skill development to ensure their experience is as seamless as possible and to support their delivery work. She is excited to explore a different side of education within the business sector.

Other Experience

Prior to joining DA, Rose was an English teacher in private and public schools across Hungary and Japan. She was devoted to providing high-quality education with communication-centered lessons for all ages and levels. When Rose taught at a Japanese public high school, she utilized available digital tools to engage her students and encourage open English communication among them, which is challenging in Japan. The local teachers were impressed with her success and adopted the digital tools in their own classrooms. She then worked with two major local and international scholarship education programmes on mobility in secondary and higher education. One of these programs, Erasmus+, had a special focus on inclusion, digitalization and green practices. There, Rose worked to bridge the European Commission to Hungarian higher education institutions, promoting implementation of the programme based on the Commission’s guidelines.

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