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Shehryar is a Fulbright Scholar with over six years of experience advising government leaders and multilateral organizations on strategy development, societal problem solving, government reform, social innovation and futurism. His career has involved supporting the development of a partnership impact fund in Qatar, conducting two industrial sector diagnostic studies for Pakistan, co-authoring Pakistan’s investment climate reforms strategy and developing subnational business-enabling environment reforms in Punjab, Sindh and KP.


  • MS, Computer Science, New York University
  • BE, Electrical Engineering, Military College of Signals (National University of Sciences and Technology)

Delivery Experience

Shehryar recently helped structure a partnership impact investment fund from the ground up, developing the fund’s organizational, operating and investment strategies. 

Other Experience

Prior to joining DA, Shehryar co-founded his own advisory practice. He and his team delivered three considerably large projects for a multilateral agency, a public sector entity and a nonprofit. 

Shehryar also worked as a consultant with the World Bank Group, where he co-authored and delivered the national strategy on investment climate reforms, including the Pakistan Regulatory Modernisation Initiative (PRMI) and the Zero Time to Startup Policy for the Government of Punjab. Additionally, Shehryar’s role involved research and leading stakeholder consultations.

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