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Our Story

Who we are

Delivery Associates are the creators and only authors of Deliverology®.

Deliverology® is the system that helps leaders deliver long-lasting and meaningful results. It is both a science and an art.

The Founder

Sir Michael Barber is the Chairman and founder of Delivery Associates. He is the world’s leading authority on Deliverology®, having created the first Government Delivery Unit in the UK. 

Michael served as Head of the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit for the Tony Blair administration and has since then worked on public service delivery in over 50 countries.

He has authored several books including ‘How to Run a Government’, 'Instruction to Deliver' and 'Deliverology 101’.

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The Team

Delivery Associates has a team of around 50 experts working on the ground in almost 30 different countries across the world. 

Our team are from 13 different nationalities, speaking 21 different languages, and with a collective experience of 443 years in public service reform, 267 of those in delivery.

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