Priorities-Based Budgeting

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Governments have big climate, equity, and economic goals. Now, they have to fund them.

What would it take to fund important work?

It takes a fresh look at the budgeting process, ensuring it supports emerging, cross-cutting goals. It takes coordinated timing and terminology between budget and finance offices; sustainability, climate, and resilience offices; and elected officials. It takes a framework that goes beyond what governments spend to look at what they do, and how costs and revenues translate to activities and impact on the ground.

Priorities based budgeting: From line items to greater alignment

This report looks at priorities-based budgeting (PBB), a process that evaluates line item budgets to identify resources to reallocate towards priority work. Learn the basics of PBB, how it differs from the standard, and how cities across the U.S. are using it to fund the work that matters most to residents – without raising taxes. Download the report below, or click here to read more.

Summary of priorities-based budgeting (PBB).
The issues and challenges facing local government have changed – but in many cases, our budgeting processes are the same.

-Grant Ervin, Chief Resilience Officer, Pittsburgh PA

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