Rebuilding After COVID-19


Rebuilding after COVID-19

During crises, we often find ourselves unwaveringly focused on the short- and medium-term responses. While crisis management is critical, so is the (oft neglected) need to plan for long-term recovery. Thankfully, the COVID-19 crisis won’t last forever, and by planning for the future now, governments can turn crisis into progress.

If we don’t plan for recovery now, it will take us by surprise the same way the crisis did.

Less than one year into World War II, the Ministry of Education was already at work planning a school system for the post-war era. While many governments are currently focused on ensuring that the short-term and medium-term crisis response phases are taken care of, we recommend creating a team of people to focus solely on long-term recovery. The future is too important to leave up to chance – and it’s never too early (or too late) to begin preparing for it.

What would it take?

This report offers case studies and strategies for overcoming these challenges and describes the importance of grounding solutions in Deliverology. For example, in response to excessive litter in New South Wales’ ecosystems and waterways, the Premier set a specific and ambitious target of reducing litter volumes by 40 per cent by 2020. Efforts included a program in which residents could return drink containers in exchange for 10 cents per container. From 2013-2014 to 2017-2018, litter volumes were already down by 37 per cent, leaving New South Wales in a position to reach their goal by 2020. 

The way forward

While rebuilding after COVID-19 is a daunting task, this report provides a framework that teams engaged in long-term COVID-19 recovery can use to guide their thinking. From goal setting to exploring unexpected opportunities the crisis has presented, following this methodical approach to long-term planning can help your team navigate next steps well.

A small investment of time, capacity and foresight today will prove decisive in helping you to achieve your vision in the future.

This report guides you through the process of setting and evaluating goals, identifying threats (especially among vulnerable communities), revealing opportunities created by the pandemic, and creating an agenda. The report asks you to consider thoughtful questions in order to move your goals closer to reality: Who are the important stakeholders? What are the top 2 - 3 reforms we want to prioritize? What does success look like and how will we measure it?

Download the report to begin planning for a post-pandemic future and establishing the skills and structures to make it a reality.

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