Success Delivered


Success Delivered

Effective government is a global challenge. Since the creation of the first Delivery Unit in the United Kingdom, countries around the world have created Delivery Units of their own, though not all have been successful. While good Delivery Units enhance governments’ ability to serve their people, Delivery Units In Name Only (DINOs) don’t measure up.

Not all Delivery Units are created equal

A good Delivery Unit allows a leader to keep the promises they make to their people. 

In order to be transformative and fruitful, Delivery Units must live up to their name. We’ve observed a few distinguishing characteristics that set Delivery Units apart. For example, good Delivery Units rigorously apply the Delivery Unit approach. Changing the name from project management to Delivery Unit and expecting different outcomes just doesn’t work. The best Delivery Units also focus on results rather than longevity. Finally, effective Delivery Units follow the Delivery Unit model precisely: they go ‘by the book’ instead of rewriting the book.

From DINOs to DUs

What does it take for a DINO to become a true Delivery Unit? Deliverology® is key. Deliverology® is a system for helping governments deliver meaningful results that will last. It is both a science and an art. The science is the routine of setting a target and then using data, technology, planning, monitoring and problem solving to achieve it. The art is the way you do it and how you behave – it needs focus, urgency, ambition, honesty and humility.

The steps to success

Deliverology® = good government = lasting meaningful results for citizens.

This article breaks down into what it takes to truly deliver into six steps, featuring real-life case study examples of Delivery Units who have used Deliverology to improve residents’ lives. Learn how the Chief Minister in Punjab, Pakistan, applies Deliverology principles to improve cleanliness at hospitals and increase medication dispensation rates. Find out how the Premier in New South Wales applies Deliverology principles to create jobs and boost child literacy rates. 

Read more about the six elements of successful Delivery Units – leadership, numbers, people, culture, routine and reality – and think about how they can transform your aspirations into reality.

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