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Abigail Smock
Abigail Smock

Delivery Associates Launches New Practice to Support Global Funds and Partnerships

London, May 2, 2024 – With global development funding now over $211 billion and accounting for a third of all public resources in the world’s most vulnerable nations, Delivery Associates (DA) has launched a new service to help translate funding into real change on the ground. 

DA’s new Global Funds Practice is a specialized offering designed to help multilateral funds and other organisations extend their reach and turn their global efforts into tangible results for the communities they are intended to help.

Over the past year, Delivery Associates has expanded its extensive experience with multilateral and intergovernmental partners to include a dedicated specialist team for this sector. 

"The compounding crises of conflict, rising food and commodity prices, and climate change demand a thoughtful, strategic approach to development assistance," said Hafsa Iqbal, Global Funds and Partnerships Lead at Delivery Associates. "Our Funds Practice is purposefully crafted to tackle the unique challenges faced by global funds, ensuring that every dollar invested has a meaningful impact on the ground."

Addressing the Unique Challenges of Global Funds

Global development funds possess the potential to deliver lasting impact on a massive scale. They command extensive resources, broad reach, and are driven by compelling motives. However, managing a development fund has become increasingly complex. These funds encounter inherent tensions. While they influence rather than directly execute delivery, they must balance the priorities of funders, beneficiary countries, and other stakeholders. Operating across some of the world's most challenging regions, sectors, and issues, these funds strive to build and manage diverse project portfolios at scale

The new Global Funds Practice leverages Delivery Associates' extensive experience with multilaterals, donors, and governments, enhancing leaders' abilities to achieve impactful outcomes. The service offerings include:

  • Maximizing Fund Impact: Ensuring every dollar is optimally utilized, balancing project intricacies to boost overall effectiveness.
  • Unifying Stakeholder Goals: Unifying diverse groups, aligning varied interests for cohesive management and oversight.
  • Strategizing and Designing Funds: Supporting strategic planning, resource mobilization, financial modeling, pipeline development, and governance design, all while maintaining fiscal stability.
  • Empowering through Evaluation: Building systems that are designed for continuous learning and improvement, enhancing investment value and effectiveness over time.
  • Enhancing Strategic Communications: Leveraging storytelling to enhance feedback loops across projects, accelerating learning, adaptation, and capacity building, thereby elevating global fund profiles in addressing worldwide challenges.

Bridging Global Challenges with Expert Implementation

Pooling the resources and expertise of multiple donors enables development funds to address global issues on a significant scale. However, this scale introduces complexities, notably the need for enhanced cross-sectoral collaboration among diverse stakeholders, while prioritizing the immediate needs of affected communities. 

With the launch of the Global Funds Practice, Delivery Associates brings over a decade of experience in implementation and a proven track record of delivering tangible outcomes across more than 50 countries, thereby strengthening the impact of multilateral funds.

"Our mission has always been to transform ambitious goals into impactful realities for communities. This practice is a natural evolution of our work," said Nick Rodriguez, CEO of Delivery Associates. "By addressing the operational complexities that challenge global funds, we aim to unlock their full potential to drive meaningful, sustainable change where it is needed most. Amidst all the complexity of global fund management, it can be difficult to center the perspectives and experiences of the people these funds are intended to benefit and the governments who make it possible to scale services to them. We believe that our deep experience in working with governments to deliver results will be our vital contribution to this work.” 

The Global Funds Practice is staffed by a dedicated team of experts with deep experience of delivering results at scale. By focusing on strategic collaboration, rigorous analysis, and hands-on application of the Deliverology® methodology, Delivery Associates seeks to redefine the effectiveness of global development funding. 

About Delivery Associates 

Delivery Associates (DA) is a global consultancy dedicated to helping governments and social impact organizations achieve better results through better implementation. Through Deliverology®, our proprietary, evidence-based methodology, we guide leaders through every phase of strategy formulation, execution, and evaluation, ensuring sustainable success. Specializing in pivotal sectors such as climate, education, and health, DA leverages deep public sector insights and hands-on experience to drive transformative outcomes. With a track record of global projects that deliver meaningful change, we are dedicated to advancing public service delivery worldwide. Learn more at

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