What would it take to turn crisis into progress?


With over half the world living in major urban centers, cities play a critical role in COVID-19 response and recovery—especially when it comes to advocating for vulnerable populations.


We are working with Bloomberg Philanthropies, Johns Hopkins University, What Works Cities, The Behavioral Insights team, and other partners to help cities all over the world achieve effective and equitable COVID-19 response and recovery – from crisis management to vaccination rollout to long-term economic recovery.

Real-world challenges

COVID-19 is an unprecedented global challenge with implications for public health, economic health, equity, education, and more – nearly every aspect of our lives has been affected by the pandemic. A global crisis demands a global response – governments at every level are responsible for their contribution to equitable response and recovery. However, they are working with reduced budgets and staff, uncharted logistical puzzles, and the very real stress and exhaustion of dealing with this for over a year.

Real-world solutions

Our work is rooted in an immense appreciation for the role of Mayors in this work. With strong community ties and a deep understanding of their local context, Mayors can identify and advocate for vulnerable populations; allocate resources on the ground; and serve as liaisons for residents, state and county officials, and community leaders. Together with our partners, we've supporting Mayors and other city leaders throughout the pandemic with resources such as:

  • Crisis response guidance for cities, including best practices for FEMA reimbursement and crisis communications
  • Evidence-based COVID-19 management metrics to support decision making at the city level
  • Impact assessment, with both qualitative and quantitative analyses to rapidly gauge how cities are engaging with tools and resources
  • Data collection and visualization, including custom dashboard tools
  • Bespoke support for several cities to drive equity in vaccination, public service delivery, economic recovery, and more
  • Local COVID-19 websites, with information on local case rates, public health guidance, vaccination booking tools, and more
  • Vaccination toolkits, outlining data management strategies and the role of Mayors in effective and equitable vaccination rollout

This work is rapid and ongoing, with results as unique as the solutions that made them possible. Check back for more or email info@deliveryassociates.com for more.

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What would it take to turn crisis into progress?
What would it take to turn crisis into progress?
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What would it take to turn crisis into progress?

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